Sauna - Eclipse XL - OUTDOOR | Premium series

Model: 480cm long ø350cm

  • Outside plastering finished with waterproof layer, wooden or brass finish is optional             
  • Interior finish hemlock wood
    Benches and backrests in ayous, model Wave             
  • Wood burning oven or 30 kW electric sauna oven             
  • Glass wall in triple clear glass, incl. door
    aluminum frame             
  • Color Therapy, LED RGB behind the backrests, incl. Remote             
  • Back wall covered with rough salt stone with indirect lighting             
  • Installation and delivery by Alpha Industries is recommended
    turnip empty your dealer for more information


Without a doubt, a cylindrical sauna is the coolest among the outdoor saunas. The round shape is very elegant for a terrace, in the garden or even in a mountain hut. Our Eclipse has a metal structure which is fully insulated. The exterior is covered with synthetic cement, but can be finished with wood, copper, plaster, .... On the inside the sauna includes profiles and benches from hemlock. The rear wall is completely covered with salt stones from the Himalayas with all the benefits from salt therapy. The glass front wall and the LED lights under the backrests give the sauna an ultra modern touch. A wood-fired oven takes care of the traditional sauna aspect. The round design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The round walls of the sauna can hold heat better so that less heat is wasted because no corners have to be heated like in a "normal" shaped sauna.

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