Sauna - Esthetique - OUTDOOR | Advanced series

Model: 260x210x225cm

  • Window out triple safety glass 220 x 80 cm
  • Hemlock inside, untreated cedar exterior, EPDM foil on the roof
  • Sauna oven Herkules 15KW, control wave.com4
  • three benches hemlock, hemlock backs, oven protection
  • Wooden door, extra insulated walls and roof, 10 cm
  • Color Therapy: LED RGB under the backrests
  • headrests, thermometer, sauna set


An outdoor sauna is a totally different experience, inspiring and innovative. Moreover, an outdoor sauna you the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. The Esthetique is the perfect solution for those looking for total relaxation and tranquility. This sauna has room for 4-6 persons. The walls, benches, back supports, the floor and the oven protection are made from silky hemlock wood. The wide sauna window displays the sauna user with a broad view. This sauna is easy to use by the control on the inside. The sauna oven is a powerful Hercules 15kW, with a double storage for stone.

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