Sauna - SALTCAVE - Krypton | Premium series

Model: 280x240x220

  • Salt Cave for commercial use             
  • Interior finished in rough salt stone - approximately 4000 kg             
  • Reinforced banks extra wide cedar profiles 140x140mm             
  • Glass wall in 8mm clear safety
    incl. door with pivot system             
  • Concept R 9kW Sauna oven with oven protection in aspen wood -
    control EOS Emotec D             
  • LED starry set: 105 starlights ø 4mm incl remote control .             
  • Installation and delivery by Alpha Industries is recommended
    ask your dealer for more information

Halotherapy, derived from the Greek word halos meaning salt, is a therapy based on salt. Numerous forms of halotherapy have been known and used for millennia. The walls and ceiling of the salt cave are covered with salt stones. The visitors to the cave are surrounded by lots of salt stones of varying sizes and to guarantee the purest quality we use Himalaya pink crystal salt stones. With each breath of salt air a valuable micro-element of salt is inhaled - this is a vital natural therapy and has a beneficial effect on many health problems. The therapy is suitable for everyone, young and old, babies and pregnant women. Of course, the temperature must be adjusted to the user. This therapy can help people with a variety of respiratory and skin problems. A must for your wellness centre and Spa.

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