Sunbed - Cabin - Alpha Cab | Premium series

Model: Alpha Cab with 54 lamps 100W

  • Alpha Cab 54 lamps 100W (18 at the door, 18 left, 18 right), with electronic ballasts, lamps of 190cm and illuminated door


This vertical cabin has been upgraded.  Manufactured in a trendy gloss or matte finish. Because the axial fans are horizontally installed in the panels, the slots are no longer visible. The body touches the acrylic sheet, and is thus not completely browned, also under the arms, during a short session in a hygienic cabin. Alpha Cabs are ideal for small spaces and ensure optimum productivity. In combination with the standard supplied brackets, the upright tanning not only short and sweet but also very enjoyable! The Alpha Cab is equipped with 100W lamps. Also available with Radio / CD, speakers and Alpha Vibroplate. Standard electronic ballasts, this technological adaptation ensures that the lights do not flicker when entering. The lamps have a longer life: 5 to 10% less energy consumption, 50% lighter in weight, less electrical components.

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