Sunbed - Elegance | Premium series

Model: Elegance combination met 36 lamps -
34 lamps 100W en 21 spaghetti lamps

  • Elegance with 36 100W lamps and three facial tanners 400W             
  • Elegance with 34 lamps 100W and 21 spaghetti lamps             
  • The solarium is equipped with a maintenance car


The Elegance is beautifully designed. D'Elegance doing to honor his name. A real jewel in every tanning salon. The flat lying surface facilitates entry and exit. The solarium is also suitable for sensitive skin and for beginners who do not want to tan immediately full power. From experience we know that users who want to relax at ease asking for the Elegance. There are ERS lamps of 100W, with optional drain system for hot air, dual integrated turbo ventilation. Available in two main colors: Diamond Silver and Red Rubin with a finish of your choice. Furthermore, there is a service vehicle in the foot, adjustable body cooler with foot side, with standard base drive for connection to each control unit.