Legtanner | Premium series

Model: Legtanner 38/65

  • Legtanner with 38 lamps 65W
  • Gloss version at extra cost


This is a truly unique concept, developed by Alpha Sun and then copied by others. Especially for tanning of legs. People who go tanning regularly often complain that the legs do not tan as easily as the rest of the body. Just to give that extra touch brown on the legs, the Leg Tanner was developed. This result is achieved by 38 special lamps of 65W each. Just sitting on a chair and put your legs in the Leg Tanner. While your legs brown coloring receive, they are simultaneously refreshed by a breeze that worked by an efficient cooling support. In front of the owners of tanning salons, it is nice to be able to offer this additional service to their customers but the Leg Tanner can interesting for beauty salons, hairdressers and nail studios.